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Painful intercourse can occur for a variety of reasons, including structural abnormalities, vaginal dryness, and muscular dysfunction. The goal of treatment is to identify and resolve the underlying problem. The providers at Southern Arizona Center for Pelvic Health are experienced in working with women to address these concerns and improve their sexual health. If you are experiencing pain or burning before, during, or after intercourse, you are not alone.

For many women, changes in your body after menopause may cause a decrease in vaginal lubrication, making sex uncomfortable. The body’s natural muscular defense is to contract in an attempt to protect against pain, which only leads to further discomfort. By offering solutions to relieve vaginal dryness, and retraining the muscles with relaxation techniques, many women are able to enjoy sex well after menopause. If you are experiencing pain with intercourse, call today to schedule an evaluation with our pelvic floor specialists.