When I was referred for pelvic floor rehabilitation, I was really skeptical as to its effectiveness. Dealing with urinary incontinence was problematic for me, especially during exercise. But there were definite results, as I no longer awoke in the middle of the night to run to the bathroom. Most importantly, I was conscientiously able to control the incontinence during sneezing or coughing and particularly during exercise! I am no longer a skeptic, but a believer that training, or in my case re-training the pelvic floor muscles can absolutely make THE difference in managing incontinence. It really works, and I am so happy with the results!



I suffered from unexplainable pelvic pain for 13 years and saw numerous doctors who could not diagnose me. I desperately needed to find a clinic who would be willing to find the root cause of my pain. Daily life was difficult, emotionally and physically draining, but I made another attempt and gave pelvic floor rehab a chance. From the moment I made the appointment to the moment I met Patty, I knew this was the place where I would get the help I needed. Her compassion and commitment to my treatment, as well as the diligence to my care led us to the root cause of my pain, Interstitual Cystitis. The pelvic floor rehab significantly decreased my pain level, causing my daily life to be more enjoyable. The rehab was easy, relaxing, and effective in correcting my pelvic floor dysfunction. I am forever grateful to everyone at the clinic and would highly recommend the rehab treatments to women who have pelvic pain.



This is a very helpful program. I did very well as long as I stayed with the exercises, but the minute I stopped the problem resumed. This showed me how important it is to make this a part of my everyday life. Because I had completed the entire program, I had the skills needed to start working on my own again and have since completely eliminated the need to rush to the bathroom everywhere I go. The educational tools that Patty used were more helpful than I had ever imagined, and I feel so thankful to have had access to this type of treatment. I highly recommend this to anyone suffering from urinary frequency or incontinence.



You know when you have to get a complete hysterectomy at the age of 39 they really don’t tell you what all could happen to your body. Less than 10 years later I ended up with pelvic pain and at 54 was recently diagnosed with pelvic floor dysfunction. I was quick to ask the doctor, “You want me to have what kind of therapy?” Never in a million years would I have guessed how much my body would betray me and the embarrassment I would feel about having to go to “therapy.” Patty was absolutely incredible and completely put my mind at ease within the very first few minutes we met. Not only is she extremely professional, but she also has a heart of gold, and compassion beyond compare. I can never thank Patty enough for taking the embarrassment out of a potentially uncomfortable situation and for all she did to help me regain my pelvic health!